Aged & Infused Craft Cocktail Kits

$ 24.99

At Aged & Infused, we take real ingredients and infuse them into your favorite spirits to create libations with a personal touch. You provide the booze and we'll provide the rest.  


Blue Sunday: The Blue Sunday infusion kit is a delicious mix of fruity and floral flavors, perfect for both light and dark spirits.

Ingredients: Dehydrated blueberries, lemon, lavender

Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, vodka, gin


Island Time: Ready for a getaway? This pineapple-packed infusion offers sweet, rich flavors with a subtly spicy finish.

Ingredients: Dehydrated pineapples, fresh cinnamon, cayenne pepper

Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, vodka, rum


Apple-a-Day Fresh apples, warm cinnamon and rich vanilla combine for a cozy fireside drink. This cold weather classic is perfect poured over ice or mixed into a cocktail.

Ingredients: Dehydrated apple, fresh cinnamon, vanilla bean

Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, vodka, spiced rum


Navel Gazer: Like Old Fashioneds? This infusion kit is for you! Tangy oranges combine with mulled spices to create a warm, classic flavor - perfect for sipping over ice.

Ingredients: Dehydrated orange, cinnamon, clove

Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, bourbon


Ruby Red: Add some depth to your gin and tonic this patio season! Ruby Red features tart grapefruit, savory rosemary and refreshing lemon - ideal for a sunny day.

Ingredients: Dehydrated grapefruit, dried rosemary, dehydrated lemon

Recommended Spirits: Gin, vodka


Sweet Cherry Pie: Perfect for Manhattan lovers, this infusion kits combines sweet cherries, rich vanilla bean and a hint of lemon to transform your favorite spirit.

Ingredients: Dehydrated cherry, dehydrated lemon, vanilla bean

Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, bourbon, vodka




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