Gourmet Biscuit & Jam Gift Set

Gourmet Biscuit & Jam Gift Set

$ 50.00

Comes wrapped in a clear bag and tied with a festive ribbon. 

Set includes: One biscuit mix and one L’Epicurien Holiday Trio.


Biscuit Mix: 

Forage South Sea Salt & Buttermilk Biscuit Mix is a chef-inspired, all-natural line of artisan biscuit mix produced in Nashville, Tennessee.  Each batch of mix is made in small batches and crafted to yield delicate and fluffy biscuits. All of our mixes have a one year shelf life and are simple to make.


L’Epicurien Holiday Trio: 

Strawberry & Champagne, Christmas Jam and Chetsnut Cream with Chestnut Pieces are included in this perfect christmas gift set. These spreads can be used for shortbread, mousse, and other christmas pastries. From sweet to savory and everywhere in between, L'Epicurien produces a wide array of confits, jams, and spreads for any occasion

Ingredients: Chestnut Puree (64%), Cane Sugar, Crystallized Chestnuts (16%), Bourbon Vanilla, Apples (32%), Pears (32%), Sugars extracted from Fruits, Raisins (2.4%), Walnuts (2.4%), Hazelnuts (0.8), Almonds (0.8%), Spices (0.2%)

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