Italian Truffle Dinner Gift Set

$ 25.00

Gift Set comes in a clear bag and tied with a festive ribbon. 

Dolce & Gabbana spaghetti:

Feel luxurious without a hefty price tag when you order Di Martino Dolce and Gabbana Spaghetti! This unique collaboration melds the delicious traditional pasta of Di Martino with Dolce’s legendary design aesthetic. Enjoy long spaghetti noodles with any hearty sauces, from marinara to carbonara, as well as light seafood pasta dishes. 

durum wheat semonlina, water

16 oz (453 g)

Product of Italy

Truff Pasta Sauce:

Black Truffle Pomodoro is the perfect blend of ripe tomatoes, delicate herbs, black winter truffle, and red chili peppers. In other words, you’ll experience all the fresh flavors and umami depth you crave without having to stand over a simmering pot.

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